About John

John Szymanski has been making music and sounds ever since he can remember.  He was gifted with his first Casio keyboard and Harmony guitar back in 1984, and still has both. (The Casio PT-80 still works; the Harmony is now split and sadly unplayable.)

John has a Bachelor of Music in Music Business from Elmhurst College, where his major instrument focus was drums/percussion, though he became more known as a bassist due to the plethora of drummers at that time.  He actively performs on guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and many other instruments. In the past ten years, he has performed shows in Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Calgary, Park City, Brooklyn and New York City.

He is an Artistic Associate of the Neo-Futurists, musician/composer for The Whiskey Rebellion Theatre, keyboard player/writer in My My My, co-conspirator in Bethany And The Two Johns, guitarist/vocalist in Sidecar, and also performs solo at times. He also collaborates often with Emmy Bean, Bethany Thomas, Gwynn Fulcher and Casie Berger.

As a songwriter/composer, he has written for numerous theatre productions, films and Youtube videos. He is the recipient of three ASCAP Plus awards (2012-2014), and has music in the libraries of Crucial Music, Jingle Punks, Music Dealers and Indietracks. He has also been nominated for a Jeff award for best original music in Lifeline Theatre’s One Came Home.

He currently lives in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, and is on the hunt for both a hammered dulcimer and a bass ukulele.

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