I have written for many different shows, short films and other performances – here are some highlights to hear!

Kodachrome Telephone, as put up by the Whiskey Rebellion Theatre in January 2014, was a theatre show based around a bucket of found slides from a now defunct antique store. I composed the music and did the sound design for the show – one of the main musical elements was in a scene centered around a visit to a busy and overwhelming medical insurance office. The song that soundtracked that scene is below.

The Sovereign Statement was a theatre show put up by The Neo-Futurists in the fall of 2013. Written by Bilal Dardai, the play involved the making of a new micronation every time the show was performed, which made the actors and audience the masters of their domain for the 90 minutes or so that the production ran.

Every great nation requires a great National Anthem, and here is the one that I wrote (with words by Bilal.)

In April 2010, I composed the music for theme song for the long running late night theatre sketch show, The Telethon, which ended its run in 2013. Headed up by my friends Greg Guiliano and Ben Vigeant, the show was performed once a month at The Playground in Chicago. Hear the song below! (You have to imagine the dance sequence, alas!)

I was commissioned in 2009 to write a concert band piece for my high school alma mater, Ridgewood High School, on the occasion of their 50th anniversary. It is comprised of two original themes that also incorporates the RHS Fight Song, “Navy Blue And Gold.”  Hear the song below!

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