As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in tape recording and sound – it was only natural that I pursued sound recording and engineering while attending Elmhurst College, and recently I have been lucky enough to find several projects to produce/engineer (and play on the side where needed as well).

March 2014-present : My My My – forthcoming album – engineer/keyboards/multi-instruments. Tracking is underway for the next My My My album – basic tracks were engineered by Benjamin Balcom at Minbal Studio in Humboldt Park, and Chris Harden and myself are engineering overdubs and vocals at IV Lab Studios. I will also be recording keyboards at my home studio. Slated to be completed by late summer 2014.

December 2012- February 2013: The Gub Club – engineer/mixer/multi-instruments. Recording for a Vindictives tribute album to be released on Sexy Baby Records sometime in the future.  Recorded at Chateau Bliss.

January-November 2012: Chris Schoen – Heaven Or Hell Or Wherever  – co-producer/engineer/mixer/multi-instruments. I recorded tracks 6-12 of this record (as well as played keys, drums, and bass) at my apartment, Emmy Bean’s apartment and Chateau Bliss. A great collection of songs based on new translations of Charles Baudelaire’s Fleurs du mal.

July-August 2012: Love Affairs And Wedding Bells – engineer/mixer. The original cast recording of the new musical written by Mark Burrows and Tina Montgomery, featuring piano, harp and a whole host of singers.

June 2011: Chris Schoen – Baudelaire In A Box Vol. 1 – The Wine Cycleengineer/mixer/multi-instruments. This record was started by Chris Schoen in his dining room – recording was finished in Chris’s dining room and my dining room, mixed in my dining room.

Spring 2009: Beer: The Original Soundtrack – co-producer/engineer/mixer. This was the soundtrack to the Neo-Futurists production of the show written by Sean Benjamin & Steve Mosqueda. This recording was done in John Pierson’s basement with Laura McKenzie, Curtis Williams, Mike Przygoda, Brandon Campbell, Kurt Chiang, Steve Mosqueda and the two Johns helping here and there. Only released in a limited edition at the Beerfly Alleyfight in 2009.

Summer 2008: Even In Blackouts – Thresholds From The Basement – engineer/tambourine. Most of the record was engineered by Bice and Philip Hill in John Pierson’s basement, but I lent some equipment, engineered some vocal recording here and there, and also played tambourine on their cover of “Randy Scouse Git”. One of my favorite records I’ve ever been a part of.

2008: Tom Dufore – I Wanna Tell You – producer/engineer/mixer/multi-instruments. This record was recorded from 2002-2007 in various studios, mainly the Elmhurst College Gretsch Studio (on 1″ 16 track tape and 24 track RADAR) and JStudios in Berwyn, IL (on Pro Tools) with some additional recording at my house.  A fun record to hear – this also has Bryan Sansom guesting on drums for two songs.


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