The Whiskey Radio Hour Quarterly

The Whiskey Radio Hour Quarterly is a unique show comprised of new radio plays performed live!

Upon its creation in January 2013, it has bloomed into a consistent showcase for numerous writers, actors and directors from the Chicago area and beyond. It is currently held at Martyr’s in Chicago.

I am part of the live band that writes and performs new songs and banter for every show, along with singer-songwriter Brad Brubaker and live foley artist Logan Conner. My name in the show is “Motormouth Musczynski”, and I do not say an actual word for any performance, but I do sing and play various instruments, including banjo, mandolin, guitar, ukulele, bass, cajon, djembe, toy piano and tiny synthesizers.

All of our past episodes are archived on the Whiskey Rebellion Bandcamp page. Check out one of our episodes below!

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